Learn the Exact Name of Your  Guardian Angel. Contact the Celestial Companion who is energizing your Mind and Spirit since the Day of your Birth.

Reference book Angel Signs

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Attain Hyper-Awareness! with the help of a Celestial Angel!
Experience the Mind-Spirit energies bestowed by Your Guardian Angel at the Time of Your Birth
and released when invoking your Angel‘s NAME.

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Sample pages Angel Signs

Sample pages Angel Signs


Angel Chant mp3

Angel Chant mp3

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Reading the powerful words of your Angel Chapter, vocalizing your Guardian Angel’s Exact Name, you will find new directions for your life, new ways of thinking, conceive new goals, activate new motivations, and experience new spiritual expansion. Do not miss the opportunity to realize your potential, soonest, at the fullest!

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logo angel signs new webThe reading of the book Angel Signs will stimulate your innate celestial powers and strengthen the links between you and the celestial realm. In turn, those Guardian Angels’ celestial powers will help you transform your personal latent virtues into effective talents and skills during your entire life on Earth.

This book is based on decades of research and discoveries by the authors in angelology, kabalah, fundamental linguistics and celestial symbolism as recorded in ancient traditions.
To validate the information, provided by ancient traditions -often distorted when presented in shallow translations in various books- the authors rely on the original Hebrew text in the Old Testament where 72 Angel Names are purposefully encrypted. One night, surely with the help of Angels, they broke the code anew, like many sages did in the past. And therefore they are bringing to the contemporary minds the exact pristine names of 72 Guardian Angels, known to minister human births, on Earth, throughout the year. Thanks to their specific linguistic expertise applied to kabalah the authors disclose the hidden powers and virtues encrypted in each Angel’s name.

simha seraya You: What shall I find in my Guardian Angel Chapter? Click on link to learn more


Surprise your best friend(s), family members, lovers! Show you are thinking “out of the box”.
Give your friends the opportunity to improve their mental experience and discover their spiritual potential…
Just download on your computer or tablet their own Guardian Angel chapter (based on their date of birth).
..attach the .pdf file to the Happy Birthday e-mail you send them…
And Voila! Make people happy, make Angels happy, surely you shall find some kind of happiness in return!

Angel Signs Upgrade 500 659If you wish to LEARN MORE ABOUT 73 GUARDIAN ANGELS (your own, your friends’ guardian angels, lovers’, associates’…) Click here to Acquire the reference angel book  Angel Signs- a Celestial Guide to the Powers of Your Own Guardian Angel, by Simha Seraya & Albert Haldane, Available at amazon.com
The authors of the reference book Angel Signs (Hardcover 2002- Paperback 2011) have restored the EXACT names of 72 guardian angels by decoding the original Hebrew text. Invoke Guardian Angels CONFIDENTLY! Because You now know their real name!
Reader’s review (at amazon.com)
What a delightful book. amazon.com alerted me about this book in an email prompt.i checked it out and decided to try it,  so i ordered it from amazon’s uk site,and i do not regret the decision.it turned out to be a brilliant  book on guardian angels.its easy to use,very direct and to the point,and very easy to help others with[if they are interested in finding out who their personal guardian angels are,and how to call upon them properly].in fact i had been waiting for this book to appear in my life for a long time.i have bought and sold on some other angel books i had,but this one is for keeps.i like it so much,and i am sure prospective buyers will agree with me on this.

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delightful  By  bill  mez  ”mezzo”   on July 30, 2007    / Very interesting  By  Ansar X   on December 31, 2013

greek theater 2Go to the Angels’ Teaching section on this website. Titles:Basic Angels Teaching Higher Angels Knowledge Angels’ University Coming soon: basic teaching on the fundamental building blocks of the human language. Exploration of the links between celestial language and human language.

On this website you have the opportunity to learn the Exact Name of your Guardian Angel

and Contact the Celestial Companion who is energizing your Mind and Spirit since the date of your birth.

Are you on a quest for a deeper meaning of Life? Expand your horizons by reconnecting with your true essence and reveal a complete better you!
 Sacred Ten FrontSurprise yourself, read THE SACRED TEN, by Simha Seraya and Albert Haldane (authors of the reference Angel Signs)

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A Philosophical novel. Expounding Linguistic science, angelology, soul travel, metaphysics, presented in a recreational context. Academia and beyond Academia (Original content, as per definition of Wikipedia)

Professional book Review of THE SACRED TEN

 As real-life experts in fields such as philosophy, religion, metaphysics, linguistics and many historical ancient texts, the authors have a vast reservoir of knowledge from which to create this story. An adventure of the soul and mind uncovering a series of coded messages in the Ten Commandments that could change the meaning of life. Kirkus ReviewsComplete Review by Kirkus

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