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Yes! You can Learn the Exact Name and Call Guardian Angels

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Under angelic guidance, you can Increase Your innate Intellectual and Spiritual Powers, to be Living a FULL LIFE in the 21st Century – the era of quantum physics, quantum computing, high speed long distance communication, multiverse cosmologies and fast accelerating Spiritual evolution.


The book Angel Signs is based on decades of research and discoveries by the authors in fundamental linguistics and celestial symbolism . To validate the information often distorted when presented in shallow translations in various books- the authors rely on the original Hebrew text in the Old Testament where 72 Angel Names are purposefully encrypted. The authors broke the code anew, like many sages did in the past, and therefore bring to your contemporary mind the exact pristine names of 72 Guardian Angels, and the profoundly meaningful meanings delivered concomitantly to the pronunciation of each name. .
Angel Signs Cover image001What shall you learn in each Chapter:
Exact Angel Name
Phonetic Pronunciation
Spiritual Meaning of Letters


Reading/Vocalizing the Exact Name of an Angel will Open a Direct Chanel
between your Mind-Spirit
and the Angel’s presence!

“The vast angelic evolution helps humanity by its very existence; the vibrations set up by these glorious Spirits play on the lower human types, strengthening and vivifying them.”
Anne Besant / Charles W. Leadbeater  Theosophists


chant esquisse blueYou want to add sound/voice and make your vocalization more accurate, so enhancing the Mental-Spiritual power of your Invocations to Angels?
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Simha and Albert are also the authors of

a philosophical novel, an illumining-transforming discovery-initiation journey through time-space. The authors invite you to meet and dialog with the great sages of the past to enlighten the paths of the future seekers of truth.
Moses –  Lao Tseu – Benjamin Franklin – Rabbi Yohanan Ben Zakai – Buddha –  Rabbi Beruriah – Josuah ben Noun and more.

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“Equal parts Dan Brown and Quantum Leap; an arresting, fun read, even for those with no deeper interest in religion.”  Click to Read full book review


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