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Angels in our Mind

Angels in our Mind

A word from the authors: With angelic help we accomplished our predestined mission:  We restored the exact linguistic formula of each TRUE Angel’s NAME, uncovered the unique powers enclosed in those names & we wrote the reference book Angel Signs.

Yes! You Can confidently – efficiently call Angels by their TRUE NAMES & Get ANGELIC HELP NOW !

In spite of appearances, you are not alone! Angels are standing by, expecting your call!

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Call Your Personal Guardian Angel! Get Help!

book Angel Signs

Reference Book Angel Signs

The book Angel Signs
Each Chapter of the book Angels Signs is dedicated to a specific Angel, based on the NAME of Angels.
Universal Value of Letters.
All precious information contained in each chapter is drawn from the inner powers of the letter-sounds-harmonic vibrations composing each Angel’s Name.
Guardian Angels
One of these Angels, each identified by his/her original NAME, is Your Personal Guardian Angel. But, naturally, once you know their TRUE Name, you may invoke all of them!

Progressive Spiritual Initiation.
The reading of even one single Chapter of  the book Angel Signs will stimulate your innate celestial powers and strengthen the links between you and the celestial realm.
Secure Personal Transformation
In turn, those Guardian Angels’ celestial powers will help you transform your personal latent virtues into effective talents and skills during your entire life on Earth.

Know their True Name! Contact the Angels -Invoke them! Listen to their guidance! Get Help when you need it!

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You need a NAME to contact your Guardian Angel