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Angels in Your Mind

Angels in Your Mind

To be fully Living in the 21st Century – the era of quantum physics, quantum computing, high speed communication,  you must increase your innate intellectual and spiritual powers.angelology in 21rst century
Here is how:
Do not hesitate. Expand your awareness. Read one or several chapters of Angels Signs.

In the book, you shall Learn the EXACT NAME of 73 Guardian Angels
and Experience the Inner Spiritual Power of the Wave-Consonant letters of the Angel’s Name
Reading/Vocalizing the Exact Name of an Angel will Open a Direct Chanel between your mind and the angel’s spirit!

Start by learning and Vocalizing Angels’ names NOW!

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Reference Book Angel Signs

Reference Book Angel Signs

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Angel Signs A Celestial Guide to the Powers of Your Own Guardian Angel, by Simha Seraya & Albert Haldane
(73 Angels are expecting your call!)

The sheer originality of the reference book Angel Signs is to reveal the Exact Name and identity of your own Guardian Angel. It thus enables you to open a powerful channel and effectively communicate with your most devoted celestial friend. Receive the spiritual bounty bestowed on you at the time of your birth. Get the help you need every time you request it!

Dear visitor,
If you know or find a better designation for the presence  and nature of Angels and angelic reality more fitting 21st Century minds, please let us know. We, the authors of Angel Signs (and The Sacred Ten), will be delighted to hear from you and start a conversation with you.


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“The vast angelic evolution helps humanity by its very existence; the vibrations set up by these glorious Spirits play on the lower human types, strengthening and vivifying them.”
Anne Besant / Charles W. Leadbeater  Theosophists

Theosophist’s Motto “There is no higher religion than TRUTH”


Learn TRULY EXACT NAMES to contact Guardians Angels